Sengoku: Bloody Agent

Sengoku: Bloody Agent (2013)

06 Dec 2013 • Action • 1h 23m

Aika (Ayumi Kinoshita, from Sonny Chiba's Legend of Seven Monks) is a woman on a mission: to destroy all yakuza. A traumatic event in her past has steeled her resolve and honed her fighting ability to a deadly edge, and she plans to use all the weapons available to her to beat the yakuza gangs that plague her city. Aika's motivation for revenge burns brightly in her heart, but for her other team members, the reasons are less personal. For Hien (Bushido Man's Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi), it's a game to see whether he can become the best at what he does. For Soldier (Genichiro Ohshita), the yakuza hunt satisfies his obsession with arms and weapons. And for Momo (Rei Toda), there's an element of sexual conquest in the game. But they all share the same goal, and when Hien discovers information about yakuza drug-dealing in their territory, they target those responsible: the Soken Products Company and its shady chairman, Mr. Kato (Eisuke Sasai). Although Soken is masquerading as a legitimate business, it are in fact one of the worst yakuza organizations in Japan, and also closely affiliated with a violent gang called Black Bullet, who pull off the worst of Soken's criminal activities. Together with her team, Aika resolves to infiltrate the gang and put and end to their violence. But when one team member's life is sacrificed in the effort, the rest must re-examine their motivations and modify their tactics for the final assault.

Naoki Takeda
Shin Tachibana, Naoki Takeda
Yukihiko Kamiya, Ayumi Kinoshita, Yûto Nakano

Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
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