The Relic

The Relic (1997)

R 10 Jan 1997 • Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi • 1h 50m

A detective is puzzled after recent spate of deaths involving decapitations. He visits a museum when a new victim is found murdered in the same way. In the museum, he encounters an evolutionary biologist who herself is puzzled after discovering a mutated beetle that possesses both insect and reptilian DNA. The detective finds a common link between the murders, hypothalamus missing from the brains of the victims. Together they both try to defeat a monster/killer who is on a killing spree.

Peter Hyams
Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child, Amy Holden Jones
Penelope Ann Miller, Tom Sizemore, Linda Hunt

Language: English
Awards: 4 nominations
Country: United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, United States
Metacritic Score: 55
DVD Release Date:
Box Office Total: $33,956,608


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