The Destiny of Marty Fine

The Destiny of Marty Fine (1996)

01 Jan 1996 • Drama • 1h 25m

Marty has plans: he wants to open a boxing training camp in Utah for inner-city kids from LA. He's also got a problem: he's witnessed a Mob murder, so a local boss wants to ensure that Marty doesn't talk. The boss's plan is Marty's destiny. But Marty, like the boxer he used to be, wants to fight back against fate. He goes to Lena, his girlfriend, but she's had it with his unreliability; his sister, a dancer at a strip club, is done lending him money. He still talks a great game, but his Utah plans may be the pipe dream of a punch-drunk guy on his way out. He seeks out Lena for a last shot. Is there any way the sweet but simple Marty can avoid his destiny?

Michael Hacker
Michael Hacker, Mark Ruffalo
Alan Gelfant, James Le Gros, Catherine Keener

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Country: United States
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