The Wood Nymph

The Wood Nymph (1916)

23 Jan 1916 • Drama • 0h 50m

The locale of the play is among the redwoods of California. The Nymph has grown up under the care of a mother who has forsaken civilization to live in a log house in the timber. There is a stalwart Amazon-like servant, who guards the girl jealously. The Nymph has known nothing of men's society. She is taught the ancient stories of the Greek divinities and plays hymns to these personages on her harp. But the restless girl is not content to stay at home. She runs and dances through the forest, her head filled with the wonderful stories that she has read. She gives the trees the names of the gods. One day she clasps her arms around a tree and calls on the divinity that inhabits it to appear. As the tree remains stolid to her impassioned cries, she clasps her hands and calls again for Apollo. A young hunter, who happens to have come on the scent, steps forward. The girl can hardly reconcile his hunting clothes and high boots with the picture of the half-draped Greek god. He wins her interest, however. There is a thrilling fire scene afterwards and the girl is rescued from danger and restored to her adorer.

Paul Powell
D.W. Griffith, Monte M. Katterjohn
Marie Doro, Frank Campeau, Wilfred Lucas

Language: None, English
Country: United States
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