The Woman's Law

The Woman's Law (1916)

21 Mar 1916 • Drama

After dissolute millionaire George Orcutt stabs his friend artist Lucas Emmet to death during a quarrel over Emmet's girlfriend, Orcutt confesses to his wife Gail. She finds a dazed man on a park bench who looks like her husband, and recalling a dinner conversation in which some judges and her friend, District Attorney John Kent, argued that everyone has a double, lets her husband escape for their son's sake, and has the man, who suffers from amnesia, take his place. The impostor is declared insane and sent to a sanitarium. Upon his release, he lives with Gail as her husband, still without remembering his previous life. Reporter Frank Fisher sees Orcutt in a saloon, and investigates. When Orcutt, jealous of the impostor, breaks into his home to demand money from Gail, the butler, thinking that he is a thief, shoots and kills him. Seeing that the impostor, really Keith Edgerton, who now remembers that he went into shock upon learning that his parents died, and Gail are in love, Fisher and Kent agree to keep the matter secret.

Albert S. Le Vino, Harvey F. Thew, Maravene Thompson
Florence Reed, Duncan McRae, Anita d'Este Scott

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